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Clogging is a high-energy, percussive dance with a rich cultural heritage rooted in Appalachia.  It has been called 'the melting pot of step dances' due to its make up of dance forms from many different cultures from Irish Step dance to modern hip hop.   Clogging is extremely versatile, adapting to whatever is popular and blending well with music from all different genres.  


~Am I the right age?

Not only is clogging culturally diverse, it is something that can be enjoyed from ages 4-94; once a clogger, always a clogger!  You can carry it through the rest of your life.  Classes are offered for as young as 4 years of age, and there is no age too great to start.

~When can I start?

Registration is always open, as new classes are started when sufficient enrollment is reached.  Get in touch and we will find a class that is right for you!

~How do I register for classes?

You may enroll by filling out the form by clicking on 'Register!' under the 'Classes' tab .  Also feel free to contact us for more information by submitting the contact form found under the 'contact' tab.


Classes are held at Cedar Ridge Youth Foundation Athletic Park

in Mount Airy, NC on Tuesday nights.  


We'd love to welcome you to our dance-family!  













Rhythmic Expression

Clogging Company 

5650 W Pine St.

Mount Airy, NC 27030

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